30 Days of Thankfulness : 7

Day 7: thankful for strength

Today is not a good day. My husband lost a friend this past weekend and tonight we attended his visitation.  Friends and family at the sides of their loved ones – consoling a family who lost someone they love.  It felt like we walked through a tunnel of emotions.  Running into people, seeing pictures, recalling stories, sharing smiles, sharing tears, giving hugs, seeing his family, his friends, and his body. Then nervousness -we’re at the front of the line. The long wait suddenly wasn’t long enough. What to say? What to do? How to stay in control? My husband hugged his friend’s mother; she held him tight and said “I am sorry.”  She was sorry?  We were there to support and console their family but after leaving, it felt like they were consoling us. Letting us know, they were doing “ok”.  But hugging us to say, it will be “ok”.  I was inspired by their strength and support they had for one another.

Today I’m thankful for strength.  Not for me but for his family.  They might not feel strong alone but together their strength will get them through this tragedy.


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