30 Days of Thankfulness : 15

Day 15: thankful for my sister, M

I’m thankful for my sister, M. She is ALSO my best friend!  But this sister is exactly like me! But with blue eyes and great hair and a personality that out shines anyone I know. We are separated by 8 years but there is an incredibly strong bond between us. One that is irreplaceable. The list of similarities could go on forever but the differences are what I admire. This girl has no fears! I don’t know anyone who can show who they truly are like she does. She is crazy, awkward, loud, out there and fulllll of entertainment and EVERYONE loves her.    She is so passionate about everyone and everything.  I wanted to start making a list but honestly… it’s everything. Even this fat squirrel that lives on their porch.  She loves him.  It’s like she lives life on this traveling stage, that goes everywhere with her and everything is a performance…but it’s not fake or a story – it’s all true and it’s all her.  She does everything with emotion, lots of emotion.  Someone who wants to hit the right heart string to either make you giggle, scream, or have the perfect tear roll down your cheek.  Standing back – I notice people watch her in awe, wishing they knew her, wishing they were friends with her, or wishing they could be like her.   I know she has insecurities …because I can see it in her expressions (something she doesn’t hide well) but one day she will realize she is the best person in the world. And people are inspired by her energy, her beauty, and her. I couldn’t be more thankful to have her in my life and to be able to say – I look like her.


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