DIY.Christmas (1)

I’m naming this (1) of many.  I’m assuming I will be making many more homemade Christmas decorations as the season continues, since Christmas decorations are soooo expensive.  I have created this VERY easy holiday decoration from The Dollar Tree.  I’m going with a “silver glittery” theme this year and have been frustrated at the prices. I have loved the glittery vases/candles but couldn’t imagine paying $30-$50 dollars just for a vase or candle holder (I’m a bargain shopper).  Soooo I created my own!  My husband and I ventured to the dollar store and got everything I needed to make my creation come to life.



1: Wrap masking tape around all the vases in the same spot. Exposing the pattern you’d like to be glitter.  (Note: Fold over the edge to ease removal) This creates a straight even line.

2: Cover the exposed area in glue! (I used a paint brush to spread evenly)

3: Sprinkle the glitter (color of your choice) all over the glued area.  This is messy! Make sure to sprinkle over a bowl so you can save fallen glitter.

4: Write with glue each letter on each glass vase. I used the word “J O Y”

5: Again sprinkle glitter on the glue over a bowl.  NOTE the glue easily wipes off the glass if necessary.

6: Let dry

7: Insert candle and display somewhere for everyone to enJOY!

IMG_20131114_195413 (1)

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