Snow Birds

Such a great idea and cute pictures! Good job ART FROM THE HEART!

Art From the Heart

Yesterday’s event was a great success! So much fun getting to teach this group! Lots of laughs paired with lots of creativity! Can’t get much better than that! Thank for booking with Art From The Heart Studio!



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Donate to Animal Shelters by Walking your dog!


If you’re a lucky dog owner you must download Walk for a Dog APP! Every time you take your Furry BFF for a walk – open the app and they will donate to a local animal shelter. So next time you take a walk with your furry pet… you doing something healthy for you, your pet and helping out a less fortunate dog at shelters! DOWNLOAD NOW!




My husband and I did some updates in our kitchen that were simple and made a huge improvement!

1)Painted our cabinets WHITE

2) Got new appliances, or appliances (some did not come with our home)

3) Removed wallpaper boarder and painted in the walls

4) New light fixtures

5) Installed a backsplash

ALL DIY! …we learned a lot!

Still looking for the perfect counter stools, currently these were a bargain and work!