My husband and I did some updates in our kitchen that were simple and made a huge improvement!

1)Painted our cabinets WHITE

2) Got new appliances, or appliances (some did not come with our home)

3) Removed wallpaper boarder and painted in the walls

4) New light fixtures

5) Installed a backsplash

ALL DIY! …we learned a lot!

Still looking for the perfect counter stools, currently these were a bargain and work!



30 Days of Thankfulness : 9

 Day 9: thankful for paint

My husband and I walked through 93 houses before number 94. This is our first home and was a very hard decision for us.  We searched and searched and searched and eventually gave up on perfect…realizing we have no idea what we consider to be perfect.  We sacrificed on a few things and compromised on a few others. We ended up finding a foreclosure that had potential and an investment.  Our house is not a typical foreclosure, it was built in 2001 and was in great shape….but I’m thankful for paint. We gave the kitchen white cabinets, our fireplace became white, and slowly but surely the walls are becoming beautiful!   All with paint!  We have many more projects to take on but just with a fresh coat of paint – it’s becoming our home.

NOTE: Painting has not been easy it total sucks! but a great bonding/learning experience for my husband and I.  I feel like everything that could happen… we have learned from. We started with the worst color in the house to cover up… OUR ORANGE DINING ROOM!  And my favorite success – our green front door.