Donate to Animal Shelters by Walking your dog!


If you’re a lucky dog owner you must download Walk for a Dog APP! Every time you take your Furry BFF for a walk – open the app and they will donate to a local animal shelter. So next time you take a walk with your furry pet… you doing something healthy for you, your pet and helping out a less fortunate dog at shelters! DOWNLOAD NOW!



Teddy Rex Update

I haven’t posted about my pup lately, ALTHOUGH he has had every health problem in the books… he is still a live and happy. A little over a year, and our rescue dog has the PERFECT personality and the WORST health problems! (of course the health problems are the costly part and because of his personality we do everything we can to help him).  I feel if he could let you know, he would agree, he isvery LUCKY to be in such a loving house hold and is willing to do whatever is necessary to make him get better.  (Mites, fleas, allergies, skin infections, bacterial infections, ear infections, allergic to beef, hookworm, I’m probably forgetting a few…)
But he is alive! and HAPPY!

IMG_20140916_114127 (1)