2014 – Christmas Card complete

Designed our Christmas Cards this year and ordered them. Check it off the list!  Now the shopping begins!

xmas card ver 1

xmas card ver 2 backsignature


Finally got to send our Christmas Card! and can share my design with you!  I decided to showcase our newest member to our new family. My husband and I recently got married in June but our save the date cards and thank you cards were pictures of us. I felt nobody needed another picture of us for their fridge and decided to use an adorable picture of our puppy Teddy!  I hope you enjoy


xmas card2


xmas card back

DIY.Christmas (1)

I’m naming this (1) of many.  I’m assuming I will be making many more homemade Christmas decorations as the season continues, since Christmas decorations are soooo expensive.  I have created this VERY easy holiday decoration from The Dollar Tree.  I’m going with a “silver glittery” theme this year and have been frustrated at the prices. I have loved the glittery vases/candles but couldn’t imagine paying $30-$50 dollars just for a vase or candle holder (I’m a bargain shopper).  Soooo I created my own!  My husband and I ventured to the dollar store and got everything I needed to make my creation come to life.



1: Wrap masking tape around all the vases in the same spot. Exposing the pattern you’d like to be glitter.  (Note: Fold over the edge to ease removal) This creates a straight even line.

2: Cover the exposed area in glue! (I used a paint brush to spread evenly)

3: Sprinkle the glitter (color of your choice) all over the glued area.  This is messy! Make sure to sprinkle over a bowl so you can save fallen glitter.

4: Write with glue each letter on each glass vase. I used the word “J O Y”

5: Again sprinkle glitter on the glue over a bowl.  NOTE the glue easily wipes off the glass if necessary.

6: Let dry

7: Insert candle and display somewhere for everyone to enJOY!

IMG_20131114_195413 (1)

30 Days of Thankfulness : 11

Day 11: thankful for snow

SNOW! I’m thankful for snow. Snow and living in Wisconsin where we experience all four seasons! Even being in an office building, the arrival of snow excites us all. Although we fear the bad driving conditions, shoveling, and chilly temps! It’s beautiful!!!  The holidays are right around the corner (44 days until Christmas) and the snow makes my excited for the holidays shine with cheer!