My family loves to play games and laugh! My husband has purchased a game for the holidays for the last 6 years and they have always been a hit! This year… Hedbanz for adults.  Although we switched up the rules… we had a blast!


Few of my favorite games and recommend to you and your family or friends!

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30 Days of Thankfulness : 20

Day 20:thankful for online shopping

I’m thankful for online shopping.  Although it might be becoming an addiction and I love that shopping is right at my fingertips. The comparison shopping and finding deals, has become too easy.  Shopping online also allows me shop at stores that I don’t have near to me.  When shopping online the promo codes, discounts, clearance, flash sales, and comparing pricing – making shopping a hobby.    Last year I did all my Black Friday shopping, from my couch, in my pajamas, while watching holiday movies with my family. NO RUSH, NO CRAZY!

Suggested Flash Sale Sites: