My family loves to play games and laugh! My husband has purchased a game for the holidays for the last 6 years and they have always been a hit! This year… Hedbanz for adults.  Although we switched up the rules… we had a blast!


Few of my favorite games and recommend to you and your family or friends!

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Finally got to send our Christmas Card! and can share my design with you!  I decided to showcase our newest member to our new family. My husband and I recently got married in June but our save the date cards and thank you cards were pictures of us. I felt nobody needed another picture of us for their fridge and decided to use an adorable picture of our puppy Teddy!  I hope you enjoy


xmas card2


xmas card back

30 Days of Thankfulness : 28

Day 28: thankful to share the holiday


ThanksGIVING! My husband and I traveled up north, bright and early this morning to visit some of my family this holiday.   I’m very thankful to share my first holiday up north with my family and with my husband.  Prior to being married, my husband and I did not share the holiday events with one another, we both spent time with our separate families.  This year, we had to change it up and start sharing the fun. This year my husband came with my family up north to Rhinelander, WI. It is great to share our traditions and have him there for all our fun.


30 Days of Thankfulness : 20

Day 20:thankful for online shopping

I’m thankful for online shopping.  Although it might be becoming an addiction and I love that shopping is right at my fingertips. The comparison shopping and finding deals, has become too easy.  Shopping online also allows me shop at stores that I don’t have near to me.  When shopping online the promo codes, discounts, clearance, flash sales, and comparing pricing – making shopping a hobby.    Last year I did all my Black Friday shopping, from my couch, in my pajamas, while watching holiday movies with my family. NO RUSH, NO CRAZY!

Suggested Flash Sale Sites:

30 Days of Thankfulness : 11

Day 11: thankful for snow

SNOW! I’m thankful for snow. Snow and living in Wisconsin where we experience all four seasons! Even being in an office building, the arrival of snow excites us all. Although we fear the bad driving conditions, shoveling, and chilly temps! It’s beautiful!!!  The holidays are right around the corner (44 days until Christmas) and the snow makes my excited for the holidays shine with cheer!