30 Days of Thankfulness : 28

Day 28: thankful to share the holiday


ThanksGIVING! My husband and I traveled up north, bright and early this morning to visit some of my family this holiday.   I’m very thankful to share my first holiday up north with my family and with my husband.  Prior to being married, my husband and I did not share the holiday events with one another, we both spent time with our separate families.  This year, we had to change it up and start sharing the fun. This year my husband came with my family up north to Rhinelander, WI. It is great to share our traditions and have him there for all our fun.


30 Days of Thankfulness : 25

Day 25:  I’m thankful for wine.

Today I’m thankful for wine. This probably does not come as a surprise, if you know me.  I love a white sweet wine, like Moscato or Riesling.  And I don’t care if it comes out of a bottle or a box. I love it. Coming home from work and having a nice big glass with dinner is exactly what I need.  A glass of wine really goes with all occasions and always results in a great time.

IMG_20130924_130211 (1)